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    Andel Vaan

    Andel Vaan
    Andel Vaan

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    Post by Andel Vaan on Tue 20 Oct 2015, 9:04 pm

    Name: Andel Vaan
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: November 11
    Race: Neko
    Anything Special: Andel possess the mark of the Ace of Charged Steel his father had(Memorabilia); Its located on the center of his back. Andel also possess the natural ability to turn into a small white cat.

    While Andel's foster father, Alexander, was more of the quiet, unsociable type, Andel proves to be quite the opposite being somewhat aggressive and loud. He tends to always try to be the center of attention, most often quoting the accomplishments of his dad, or making a prank often involving his closest of friends. On the note of his aggression, it tends to always be his way of friendship, loving to horse around and to get into small scuffles and fist fights; They tend to never escalate, and if they look to go to far, Andel disappears in his adorable cat form. Andel's pranks tend to be minor and scarce, rarely happening due to the time he takes to plan them. To put it in a funny synonym way, Andel is like a playful kitten, with the outwardly way of a lion cub. The farthest of things that his father was, and hopes to remedy that factor.
    Andel, while in combat, does act somewhat differently to fit his magic. While normally Andel has the playfulness of a kitten, his combat psyche tends to be comparable to a tiger on the prowl. He tends to stalk his opponents, and to wait for the most perfect moment to strike. Like a hunter, Andel prefers a more 'silent' approach to his actions and to leave unseen is his goal. Sadly, like most people, Andel is not without his own flaws and faults. His most outwardly is his short temper in combat that could some time lead to a sadistic mindset and even killing.
    The one and only man who Andel will act differently around with people is his Guild Master and friend, Terou. Being from families with close bonds, Andel has a sort of respect for Terou, even without the ties. Andel sees him as the dominant leader of the guild and tends to not question orders, similar to thier fathers relationship. It is the one bond that he has for the time being that does not involve family.
    • Andel likes cats, being part one himself

    • Andel has a thing for sweets. With having a more 'sensitive' taste, he enjoys them a lot.

    • Andel, with it being his weapon of choice, has a fascination with guns. The way they work and their craftsmanship interest him greatly.

    • Andel has a dislike for water, for multiple reasons like cat reasons, messes with gunpoweder, etc.

    • Dogs and Andel just don't mix, with either one of them constantly starting fights.

    • Due to sensitive hearing, Andel dislikes extremely high-pitched noises.

    • Andel strives to be the best hunter in Fiore, whether his game be human or animal.

    • Like most people, and like his father, Andel has a drive to become stronger, even to be the strongest.

    • One's Self-Worth: Never knowing a family before Alexander, Andel strives to prove he is a person worth acknowledging. He uses this to keep pushing himself farther and farther.

    • Death- Though this is a common fear, this fear falls more so for his comrades and family dying than for him.

    • Stagnant Power-He refuses to to accept to stay weak forever.

    • Useless- He never wishes to be useless to his guild.

    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 134lbs
    Hair color & Style: Lime-Green; Short and spiky
    Eye Color: Glowing Yellow
    Skin Tone: Light
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:

    Guild/Council: Dragon Heart
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Center mass of the back of the neck; Lime-Green.

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