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    Toka Yamamoto


    Completed Toka Yamamoto

    Post by Guest on Fri 23 Oct 2015, 12:33 pm

    Name: Toka Yamamoto
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Demi-Sexual
    Birthday: 5th of August
    Race: Human
    Anything Special:

    Toka is a rather cheerful person. Having been raised as a miko(shrine maiden) she has a very strong spiritual connection. She can often be seen talking to things that are normally invisible to most. Toka is the type of person who never really sweats the small stuff in life. She takes each day as it comes to her and doesn't have too many worries. Toka has much respect for her elders and is a very gracious person. However, she does posses one fatal flaw so to speak and that is her temper. Certain things set Toka off to the point where she throws things at people and will turn from being a sweet docile girl into a raging demon of sorts. Most of the time, Toka is rather mild and proper mannered. She rarely ever speaks casually to others, only in a polite manner. Which is a result of the strict upbringing she received from her grandmother. Toka always enjoys a good book of romance poetry. You can usually find her nestled under a tree with a book in hand. Growing up in a mountain shrine cut off from the modern world, Toka doesn't have a real grasp on modern day technology nor does she care to use it much. Toka is quite stubborn, once her mind is made up, its hard to convince her to change her decision. She is also blunt and to the point, but she tries to be polite about it.

    In battle, Toka is calm cool and collected. Never letting the enemy predict her movements. She is fast and silent, almost like a ninja. She strikes when you least except her to. When fighting on a team, Toka will always do her best to work together with her comrades because she believes there is strength in numbers. Toka is not they type to abandon a comrade if it means being able to get out alive. She would gladly put her life on the line to save someone else. Toka normally doesn't fall for enemy taunts nor is she the type to taunt her enemies. She is not one for violence, Toka will always try to avoid it if possible. However, when confronted by an enemy, Toka will never run, she'll face them head on.

    Toka grew up reading poetry at her grandmother's shrine. It has always been an enjoyable pastime for her.
    The taste, the aroma, and the warmth of tea, are all what make her like drinking it so much.
    *Cherry blossoms:
    They always remind her of home. Every time she sees one, it makes her feel nostalgic.
    *People with no respect:
    One thing that will set Toka's temper off are those who have no respect for others.
    *Carbonated Drinks:
    The way they feel in her throat when she drinks things like soda and other carbonated beverages makes Toka feel uncomfortable for some reason.
    Due to growing up in a secluded mountain with not a lot of people around, Toka is not fond of large crowds and tends to avoid them if at all possible.
    *Finding true love:
    Even Toka eventually wants to find true love.
    *Getting Stronger:
    Toka wants to become strong enough to where she'll never have to fear and be able to protect all those she cares for.
    Toka fears seeing her loved ones die before her, and also fears dying before her time.
    The crashing sound of thunder and the bright flashes of lightning, is enough to paralyze Toka where she stands.
    *Being Alone:
    After her grandmother passed away, Toka developed a fear of being alone. She never wants to feel like she did after losing her grandmother ever again.

    Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
    Weight: 128 pounds
    Hair color & Style:
    Toka's hair is chocolate brown styled with two buns in the back while the rest of her hair falls freely and rests against her back. In the middle of her hair on top, is a simple ahoge that sticks up and droops over slightly with soft bangs feathering her forehead.  
    Eye Color: Her eyes are rather large and are a silvery grey color with a slight blue hue to them.
    Skin Tone: Toka's skin is rather fair but still has some color to it.
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:
    Toka is a bit on the short side. A slender figure, big grey eyes with a slight blue hue, soft chocolate brown hair and nice well endowed chest. Toka's attire normally consists of her miko outfit. A silky white short kimono top with a pair of red and white layered detached sleeves. Over her chest is a golden yellow rope with a tassel hanging down in the middle The rope ties around to the back of her kimono top and keeps the detached sleeves in place on her arms. She wears a dark brown silk pleated knee length skirt and knee high brown boots. On her head is a golden metal headband with two metal pieces sticking out on the sides.

    Guild/Council: Lamia Scale
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Back of her left hand in a cherry blossom pink color

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    Completed Re: Toka Yamamoto

    Post by Aiko on Sat 24 Oct 2015, 8:52 pm

    Hi! I will be working with you on your character app. To begin with you only have 2 Motivations, could you please add a third one.


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    Completed Re: Toka Yamamoto

    Post by Aiko on Tue 27 Oct 2015, 12:05 pm


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    Completed Re: Toka Yamamoto

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