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    Rin's Weapon: Tempest Breaker

    Rin Moriyama
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    Completed Rin's Weapon: Tempest Breaker

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Sun 15 Nov 2015, 6:25 pm

    Name: Tempest Breaker
    Rank: S
    Type: Multi-form Weapon
    Tempest Breaker is a legendary weapon that was used by the king of tempest demons, Demyx, wielded during his reign. Demyx bestowed his most valued partner onto his adopted daughter Rin. Tempest Breaker is a multi form weapon that takes on four different forms. A rapier, a long sword, a crossbow, and a dulled ax/ ornate staff. Each form is powerful in their own right and each form gives Rin a different power. The four forms are named; Ray of Hope, Winter Soul, Crystalline Faith, and Tempest's Wrath. Tempest Breaker can only be wielded by whom it deems worthy. For a very long time, it did not recognize Rin as it's new master. Rin grew strong by training in order for her father's old partner to except her as its new master and partner in battle. Rin treasures the tempest breaker due to the fact its one of the very few things she has that reminds her of her father.

    Many Forms of Tempest Breaker:
    Ray of Hope:
    Rin's Weapon: Tempest Breaker Of_dorothea_s_rapier_by_vampiire666-d706l87
    The default form of Tempest Breaker. It takes the form of rapier class weapon. Ray of Hope, represents the light(holy) element.

    Winter Soul:
    Rin's Weapon: Tempest Breaker Sword-55871228104
    The second form of Tempest Breaker, it takes the form of a long sword. Winter Soul represents the ice element.

    Crystalline Faith:
    Rin's Weapon: Tempest Breaker Custom_ice_themed_crossbow_by_forged_artifacts-d7cj430
    The third and second most powerful form of Tempest Breaker, it takes on the form a blue crystal crossbow.

    Tempest's Wrath:
    Rin's Weapon: Tempest Breaker 0aede034f86cd9dbd322aa14f0700458
    The final and most powerful form of Tempest Breaker, it takes the form of a dulled ax or an ornate staff. It represents the weapon and its name, Tempest Breaker because of its ability to summon storms at will.

    - The weapon can shift into 4 different forms.
    - Certain forms of the weapon absorbs Eternano particles from the air giving certain forms no elemental weaknesses
    - Each form grants the user a different temporary stat boost

    Weapon Form Stat boosts:
    -Ray of Hope: +25 Agility
    -Winter Soul: +25 Magic Defense
    -Crystalline Faith: +25 Dexterity
    -Tempest's Wrath: +25 Spell Power

    - Each form's stat boosts are only active when that form is active, if the user changes to a different weapon form, the stat boost from the - previous form will be replaced by the new form's stat boost.
    - Certain forms have no elemental strengths due to the ethernano particles that are absorbed into the weapon from the air.
    - Each form has no more than one ability.  


    Name: Kō~tsu ta kanshoku
    Rank: S
    Type: Supportive
    Description: This is the ability of winter soul, anything it touches turns to ice whether it be the ground, a body of water or even a person(only NPCS of lower rank will be frozen and in PvP can only slow opponents down: -15 agility for opponents C rank and below, -10 agility for opponents B rank and above).
    - Can freeze almost anything the blade touches
    - Can freeze lower rank NPCS who are cut or touched by the blade.

    - Ice the blade produces and the blade itself can be eaten by ice slayers
    - Fire magic of equal rank can melt the blade and anything it froze.

    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 times per thread

    Name: Kibō no Hikari
    Rank: S
    Type: Supportive
    Description: This is the ray of hope's ability. The rapier glows with a soft healing light. Rin raises the rapier and the light will grow bigger over a 500 ft radius and heal all damage of up to A Rank to those who are in the light. Those who have darkness in their hearts will not be healed by the light.
    - Able to heal all damage of allies up to A Rank
    - Will not heal mages with darkness in their hearts(basically dark mages)

    - Cannot heal S rank damage
    - Cannot heal those who are more than 500 ft away from the Ray of Hope's healing light

    Duration: 2 posts
    Cooldown: 5 times per thread

    Name: Kesshō ya
    Rank: S
    Type: Offensive
    Description: Kesshō ya or Crystal Arrows, is the ability of Crystalline Faith. Crystalline faith shoots magic crystal arrows it can produce by being charged by Rin's MP. These arrows are infused with ethernano particles giving the no elemental strengths or weaknesses. The crystal arrows, travel at very high speed(50 MPH) and are as big as a crossbow arrow(20 inches). In one charge, Crystalline Faith can shoot up to 10 arrows. Each arrow does 1/10 the damage of an S rank spell.
    - No elemental weaknesses
    - Very fast so incredibly hard to dodge
    - Can shoot up to 10 arrows per charge.

    - No elemental strengths
    - Can be blocked by a barrier spell of equal rank
    -consumes 10% of Rin's MP every time she charges Crystalline Faith.

    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 3 posts
    Range: 500 feet away from caster

    Name: Ooarashi no Ikari
    Rank: S
    Type: Offensive
    Description: Ooarashi no Ikari is the ability of Tempest's Wrath. It summons forth storms of all kinds from tornadoes to hurricanes, to hail storms to typhoons. Because its so powerful, it drains Rin's HP rather quickly while the staff is active, it drains 5 % of her HP and when she summons a storm it drains triple of that from her HP(15%) When Rin reaches 5% HP, the staff will change to its default form, Ray of Hope in order to keep Rin from dying. The storms her staff summons all reach a 3000 yd radius at max. Anyone other than Rin that is caught in the middle of a storm produced by this ability, will recieve A to S rank damage, depending on their endurance stat. If Rin were to summon a new storm in place of the previous one, it would cost her 15% MP to do so.
    - Uses three elements(wind, water and lightning)
    - Can summon any type of storm

    - Drains Rin's HP very quickly
    - Storm Slayers can eat the storms she creates with this ability

    Duration: 5 posts or until she reaches 5% HP
    Cooldown: once per thread

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