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    Calligo Somnium


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    Completed Calligo Somnium

    Post by Archer on Mon 21 Dec 2015, 12:25 pm

    Name:Calligo Somnium
    Birthday:August 1st
    Race: Demi-God (Son of Aita/Eita)
    Anything Special: Scars from fights, and Tattoo's across his chest

    Personality:Calligo values the passionate, the exciting, and the intense.  He loves the juice of life—the experience of it—more than He values accomplishments or possessions.

    He tends to come to conclusions without being able to trace his steps; He simply knows what’s right for him, and he pursues it with intensity. He is very dynamic and inspiring to be around, and people will believe him and follow him easily.  He tends to be extremely passionate about whatever he believes, and it doesn’t take him long to build up to full speed ahead.

    He is a go-with-his-gut person.  He is impulsive and brave, and stagnating scares him more than forging ahead without a plan does.  He also has the ability to reinvent himself as he sees fit, as he possess the talent of transformation (Personality wise, does not pertain to actually transforming).  And he has an opinion on everything.

    He is so charismatic and interesting to be around that he attracts people easily, and his relationships with them tend to be full of fireworks.  He can be a great leader because he has the ability to inspire others and clearly convey his passion in an authentic way—he never comes off like a snake-oil salesperson.  He is comfortable in front of an audience, and if he has a problem, he doesn’t waffle or hide from it; he attacks it.

    Not only does he attract people; when he does commit he is very devoted and passionate about exploring that relationship.  People who love big romantic gestures will be pleasantly surprised by his willingness to express his feelings.  His confidence allows him to live a motivated and fearless life.

    Sometimes his intensity can be exhausting for people who don’t have his energy, and they may just find it obnoxious.  He may have a tendency toward anger when things don’t go the way he wanted them to, and he may have trouble working this out constructively.  he has trouble taking advice, even if it’s solicited or justified, and he can be self-righteous if he is questioned.

    His devotion to his causes or interests can sometimes be interpreted as going overboard into obsession.  His tendency to be loud or to engage in attention-getting behavior could result in his being considered immature.  His impulsiveness sometimes leads him to make and commit to poor decisions while his conviction in the rightness of His actions can make it hard for him to see that it’s so before it’s too late.  his predisposition for accepting change can occasionally lead to him betraying others.

    In Battle Calligo is a Fiery Opponent, with Passion and Desire to win, and a no back down attitude, he will meet challengers Head on, and he will Pounce on a stronger opponent for the challenge of it alone, as long as he has reasoning to do so, otherwise he would be more likely to turn the fight down, simply due to his want to fight the good fight, fights that need to be fought, not the unnessisary,So he will choose his battles.


    • Fire!
      Yes that is right, Fire, Calligo would compare himself to fire if he had a choice, and it is his favorite element, sadly the draw back is, the fact Fire is associated with the Underworld mostly, so he wishes to put a Holy Spin on it

    • Jewels
      Despite his Father being known as a God of Wealth, and him wanting to hate his father, he cannot help but to see the beauty of Jewels, specifically Ruby's

    • Crosses
      As a stab to his father, he grew to find a liking of Crosses, as his father is the god of the underworld, it was one of the best ways to get back at him, or so he believes


    • Going underground
      Due to his father living in the Underworld, he feels going underground takes him closer to his father, he prefers to be further away

    • Father
      His father, Hades/Pluto/Atia/Etia whatever you want to call him, had not been around except when he almost died, and then he did not even try to save him or anything, and instead tried to get him to Join him, so with gaining a love for life, he gained a dislike for his father

    • His friends in danger
      Threaten him, he does not care, but his friends, no matter how little he likes them, he is willing to go to war for them

    Motivations:Friends are his biggest Motivation, to protect them or to help them progress, either way, he only wishes the best for them, and will do what he must to protect them, to help them achive their dreams and to make them the best that they can be


    • Water
      Due to at a young age he almost drowned, was the first time he got to see his father, who instead of trying to save him, had tried to encourage him to join him in the underworld

    • Loss of a Friend
      Calligo truly Fears losing a friend above all else it truly terrifies him, and could and would be the key to him Breaking or Snapping, and going to an extreme of one of two ways, Depression, or Anger

    • Living up to his fathers Example
      Absolutly Despising his father, he knows though they are a lot alike in some ways, and so he fears that he will turn out exactly like his father

    Weight:160 lbs
    Hair color & Style:White and usually Spiked up
    Eye Color:Dull Gold
    Skin Tone:it would be known as Olive colored skin
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:

    Guild/Council Tattoo: Center of his back, Platinum
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    Completed Re: Calligo Somnium

    Post by Kenshin on Mon 21 Dec 2015, 8:23 pm

    Well my good man, I have read over the app and I gave only one thing to say

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