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    Mika Shiratori


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    Name: Mika Shiratori
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: July 15th
    Race: Angel
    Anything Special:A pair of pure white angel wings. Dimensions of wings are  9 feet wide and 7 feet tall. She can go as high as 10 feet and fly for a total of 3 posts at a time. She can fly at speeds of 15 MPH. Her wings are retractable, they are able to disappear into her body and come out when she wants them to.

    Mika Shiratori BATkbMM

    Personality:Mika is quite simple minded, often being called an airhead. She enjoys the simple things in life but due to her carefree personality, most people don't see her intelligence for what it really is. Mika has a very pure air about her that comes from being born an angel. Mika is extremely stubborn and most of the time, set in her ways, making her hard to persuade into changing her mind about something. Mika likes to do things her own way and hates it when people try to spoil or ruin her good times. She does as she pleases and doesn't really consider the consequences until they are put into action, which often causes her to regret what she did. Mika is not easily deterred from her goals, she'll always do her best to see something she's motivated about through to the end. Mika is somewhat of a glutton when it comes to sweets, she loves any kind of cookie, cake, candy, you name a sweet, and it will be something this girl will devour if put in front of her. Mika is a notorious flirt with any guy she considers to be "hot". She'll be on them like donkey kong, doing any and everything she can to get their attention focused on her. Mika has much confidence in her appearance, so it really hurts her pride when someone doesn't think she's pretty or even cute. This girl can pout like nobody' business when something doesn't go her way. Mika's most redeeming quality would have to be her willingness to forgive people. In her eyes, anyone who truly regrets what they have done wrong, is worthy of forgiveness.

    Mika always takes her battles seriously. She likes to taunt her enemies but will not fall for an enemy's taunt. She does not let her emotions affect her during battle and is merciless towards her enemies. She is not one to let those who hurt others get away with it. Mika prefers being a leader rather than being led. Mika usually just goes with the flow of the battle, making her more unpredictable to her enemies.
    - Sweets
    Mika is a glutton for sweets. Any type of cookie, cake, or anything else she will gobble down if put in front of her.
    - Cute Things
    Mika can't help but love things that are cute. This goes for little accessories, trinkets, and also stuffed animals.
    - Animals
    Mika has a soft spot for pretty much all animals, she also has enact for being able to make friends with even the most vicious of animals.
    - Rude People
    Being raised by humans after falling to earth, Mika was taught to always be respectful so it comes to be that she can't stand people who no respect for other people.
    - Bugs
    For some reason, Mika hates most bugs, she tends to find them just plain creepy and usually steers clear of them whenever possible.
    - Having her fun spoiled
    Mika hates to have her fun ruined by other people. She likes to do as she pleases and if people don't like what she's doing, they usually try to stop her, which can easily set her off.
    - Demons
    Her fear of demons comes from how her earth family was slaughtered by them.
    - Thunder
    The demons who killed her earth family attacked them on the night of an awful thunder storm, which usually brings up traumatizing memories for her whenever she hears it.
    - Corpses
    Mika fears corpses, mainly because she saw her earth parent's corpses the night they were brutally killed.
    - To Become Stronger
    Mika wishes to becomes stronger in order to avenge her earth family's death.
    - To Conquer her fears
    She wants to conquer her fears, so she will be able to exact her revenge on the demons who took her only family from her.
    - To Find true love
    Mika is a very romantic type of person, so she would want to eventually find someone to share her life with.

    Mika Shiratori SqttsRj

    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 130 Lbs
    Hair color & Style: Teal, styled as two long twin tails that go almost to her feet with bangs that feather her forehead.
    Eye Color: Same as her hair
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:
    Mika Shiratori 1612
    Mika Shiratori Ow9Aqjr

    Guild/Council: Sacred Skies
    Guild/Council Tattoo:Pink, left side of her stomach

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    You don't really have info about the angel wings. Yeah, you have dimensions, but how high can you fly? How far?

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