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    Takashii Adachihara


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    Completed Takashii Adachihara

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    Name: Takashii Adachihara
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Birthday: April 8th
    Race: Human
    Anything Special: His family crest was tattooed on him using magic as a child. This is placed on his right hip, starting just below where his pants would rest and extending up towards his ribcage.
    Adachihara Family Crest:
    Takashii Adachihara  Black-and-white-tattoo-design-img1127

    Takashii Adachihara  BATkbMM

    Personality: Outside of Battle
    Takashii is generally known to be a strange guy. He can be seen as quiet, and introverted upon first meeting him. In actuality, he's a bit different. He can be quiet, but it is more along the lines of the fact that he likes to think of what he says before he says it. Every word that comes out of his mouth is bound to be well thought over. This makes him generally hard to surprise into speaking, and pretty tight lipped when it comes to getting information he's reluctant to give. To those he considers friends, though, Takashii is friendly, and completely polite. That is, unless a prank or trick is played on him, in which case he'll return the favor tenfold, and all with a straight face. When on the subject of anything romantic at all, he tends to get nervous, often blushing, and so tends to avoid the subject, as his feelings are always easy to tell, even if he isn't one to get random crushes. As well as this, he's actually pretty intelligent, which stems from his training, which he considers reading and knowledge a part of. Naturally, however, he has a clever mind, that sometimes ends up making him miss any jokes or figures of speech. In other words, he can take some things a bit seriously. Lastly, he tries to help out when he can, feeling that the world would be better if everybody just helped when they could. A cute sentiment, but he often feels he's the only one who keeps it to heart.

    During Battle
    Takashii during battle is completely different from himself normally. Almost a different person, even. He throws his entire being into a battle, which is why it takes him a while to actually be convinced to fight. He's merciless when fighting, uncontrolling in his actions. Often, its dangerous to leave him in a fight alone, especially with a mage he has a likelyhood of winning. If he feels they are dangerous to the world, and if they are a dark mage, Takashii won't hesitate to eliminate them. After the battle, however, Takashii often forgets what happened, save few details. It's a questionable part of his personality that he even doesn't know the answer to. Also, this reaction to battle is part of the reason why he's so difficult to convince that fighting is the answer to a current problem. Under a leader, he's rather obedient. He understands that he's not the head of the group in this situation, and usually just goes along. The only exception is if the leader is one that likes to jump into battle at the first moment. In that case, he'll likely refuse until he feels like he has to battle. As a leader, however, he will try to settle all negotiations verbally. As he would normally, he avoids fighting if all possible. He's generally pretty lenient as a leader, but he will draw a line if something comes along that goes against the basic morals he considers a human to have.

    Potatoes ~ They're by far his favorite food. If you ask him what or where he wants to eat, don't be surprised if it involves potatoes cooked in some fashion.

    Exploring Caves ~ He finds each new cave or tunnel fascinating, and can easily spend hours in one cave simply looking at the different layers of rock, and types of fixtures.

    Helping Out ~ Despite what his personality may seemingly portray, Takashii likes to help others out, provided its something that he can help with, and that isn't illegal.

    Training ~ Takashii loves to train, and exercise, as it helps him clear his mind, and generally simply makes him feel better as a whole.

    Liars ~ If you lie to him, watch out. He absolutely hates liars, and will generally hold a grudge against those who lie to him.

    Fighting ~ While he likes training, he dislikes cold hearted fighting, often which ends in just pain. He will fight, but he tends to avoid it if possible. Most times, he can only be convinced to fight to protect something.

    Food Stealers ~ Don't take his food. His wrath will descend upon you.

    Protecting Those He Cares For ~ Being a really protective person, Takashii will essentially do anything to protect those few people he loves.

    His Locket His mother gave him a locket that will unlock when he gains his true power as a mage. He wishes to grow in power so he may find what is inside.

    End to Dark Mages Takashii hates dark mages with a passion, and would love to see them all disappear off of the face of the planet.

    Heights ~ For as long as he can remember, Taka's been absolutely terrified of heights, often to the point where he can do nothing but panic when stuck up high.

    Open Spaces ~ Due to his affinity for dark caves, Takashii tends to be uncomfortable in large, open spaces, and tries to avoid them if possible, often taking the long route for any missions he has just to get around areas such as plains.

    Mice ~ It's a fear he tells nobody about, but Takashii is terrified of mice. The slightest sight of them sends him as far away as he possibly can be, often in a bit of an unmanly fashion.

    Takashii Adachihara  SqttsRj

    Height: 5'10"
    Weight:152 lbs
    Hair color & Style:
    Taka's hair is a dark, dark purple that is often mistake for black. He wears it in its naturally spiky state, and often puts a two pins in an "X" pattern on the left ((from his point of view)) side of his head. He always keeps it just long enough to hide the pointed tips of his ears.
    Eye Color: Purple
    Skin Tone: Fairly light skinned
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:  
    Takashii Adachihara  Nisekoi+Ichijou+Raku+Kakoiii+HD+Render
    Takashii Adachihara  McyvdzTakashii Adachihara  Tumblr_nkcsl4F8nV1unrjfso4_500Takashii Adachihara  GiphyTakashii Adachihara  Giphy

    Takashii Adachihara  Ow9Aqjr

    Guild/Council: Dragon Heart
    Guild/Council Tattoo:  Purple, placed on his upper back, centered just below his neck. In a way, it's between the shoulder blades, but up a bit.

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