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    Name: Malik Joshua Roberts
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight or Heterosexual
    Birthday: November 14
    Race: Nephilim
    Anything Special: Due to being a nephilim, Malik possesses a human form and a nephilim form. He can transform himself between these forms at will. In his nephilim form, Malik dawns both angelic and demonic characteristics. His skin is of a ghostly white along with curved horns protruding from his head. His hair becomes longer, reach all the way to the bottom of his back. Both of his ears are pointed, an obvious demonic trait to behold. He also has fairly large fangs with two showing from underneath his upper-lip. A glowing, cyan blue halo hovers above his head. This is common for many divine beings, such as angels. Malik eyes can be very intimidating as their sclera are black, their irises are blood red, and their pupils are slitted. Trailing underneath them and over his cheeks are black triangular, tear-like markings. One thick black line emerges fro his his upper-eyelids. Both his hands and feet turn black with the color breaking of into flame-like markings halfway at his forearms and calves, respectively. His nails become long, sharp claws, which he can utilize as weapons. His toenails grow in length and sharpen as well. The same same markings on his arms are present on his neck, shoulders, both pectorals, and both sides of his back.

    When in his nephilim form, certain physical characteristics are highly noticeable on his body. He gains two pairs of wings on his back. One set is black yet angelic in appearance. Like many angel wings, they were adorned with feathers. The second set of wings were also black, but dark. These wings are leathery and bat-like in their appearance. Both pairs have a wingspan of up to is up to 16 feet with each wing measuring up to 8 feet, making their length near-equivalent to his height. He also has a very long, thin, and powerful tail with the shaped like a flat arrow. It's has a measurement of up to 8 feet in length. Both pairs of wings as well as his tail can be utilized for offense and defense. They can be used to cut, stab, and for physical blows.

    Malik J. Roberts  BATkbMM

    Personality: Malik is a kind and caring person, showing kindness at any given moment to others. He is often polite and thoughtful to others around him. He mostly thinks about the well-being of individuals more than himself, even if it means he gets hurt in the process. This can indicate recklessness when saving people. Malik can be quite timid at times as he is shy around strangers who seem to be nice people, especially girls. However, he is daring enough to speak with them. Over time however, as he gets to know the people around him, he becomes more open towards them. Given time or when he so chooses, he will express how he feels as well as speak of personal subjects in his life. This can include his dreams, feelings, etc.

    Since Malik is thoughtful and caring towards others, he puts their needs and problems before his. This would make him a selfless person. As such, he would put his own life at risk for the safety of others, even if it is for one innocent life. Being selfless, he is also not stingy with anything, but certain belongings. He is not reluctant to share them unless they hold great value to the boy. He can also be helpful. He is kind enough to lend someone a hand when in dire need. It doesn't matter what kind of situation of assistance is presented to him by someone, he will assist them, especially if it is far more serious than a simple task. He will also accept favors from his friends and family, unless it's an evil thing from an evil person. A certain fact that can prevent him from agreeing to favors from others is how exhausted he is for certain reasons.

    Malik has a calm, collected personality and is difficult to anger. This would mean he is able to keep a steady mind, even in the most dire of situations. He is able to remain calm and find the enemy's weakness or read their movements. An example is a serious battle against a powerful foe. However, he will also, at times, attack head-on, a trait derived from his recklessness. In situations where his friends are losing focus, fighting with each other, or don't know what to do, he calms them down and tries to think of a plan to turn things around. He may not know it, but Malik can be very courageous. Whether it's a witch, demon, or anything else fearsome, he'll stand his ground, especially for his friends and family. He also has a fondness for combat, but on a less aggressive scale, mostly anyway. He doesn't go around picking fights on a daily basis. He would rather relax and try not cause trouble. However, it doesn't mean he won't challenge someone.

    He is a very intellectual person as well, having much knowledge of various kind of things within the world. These subjects include geography, history, natural laws of nature, technology, chemistry, grammar, art, astrology, and mythology. Malik has had exceptional intelligence ever since he was a child. He excelled quite well in activities requiring the use of his mind. He has also increased his already vast mind with reading, which developed into a hobby and liking to him. Along with this, he has adopted a likeness for writing as well. A hobby he has liked before reading and grammar was drawing. He was always had a talent for illustrating art. The drawings he creates are astounding to others. Knowing much of the world around, Malik is one of the people to go to for information about a mysterious object. If he doesn't, then it is more unknown than anyone had thought. His intellect allows him to devise strategies and complex tactics in battle. He is also quick to understand what others are trying to imply, such as a goal or a simple answer for a question.

    The boy may have a calm personality, but he does have a limit to tolerating others, meaning he has a temper. It's very hard to get him angry in the first place, as he is always level-headed and stays collected when someone insults him or even hits him, but in certain situations, his anger will explode to the surface. While angered, he can get a furious look in his eyes and becomes fierce. Despite him usually being quiet, he can raise his voice to a louder than usual volume, so others will hear him. Malik can also be strict with others. He can be quite assertive when trying to make peace or cease arguments between his friends either they be verbal of physical. Sometimes, he himself will resort to violence when the situation calls for it. He is also a mature individual, showing to be an authoritative figure in some situations.

    In combat, his personality is very similar when outside of battle. When fighting against a person he considers a comrade, he remain calm and collected. No matter which turn-of-events would take place, he would still be level-headed with others. Even if he should happen to lose, he was congratulate his opponents and show them much respect. This indicates that he is not a sore loser and is not obsessed with victory. As long as it a battle with him and his family and friends, he will have fun, regardless of which way the fight goes in the person favor. In fact, losing to one of his comrades may inspire him to become more powerful, so he can protect those he cares for and defends those who are unable to stand up for themselves. Against a person who it his enemy, Malik becomes more serious, especially if it is a battle against an evil being.  In fights such as this, losing seems less of an option and certain opponents try to kill the combatant. He also will not hold back, giving every ounce of strength he has, but is careful how he using it. While he is reckless blindly rushing in to save others, he is mindful of his action within combat. Still, if his enemies were to hurt his family friends in any way just for their sheer enjoyment, he will crush them with great ferocity and viciousness. This gives one a good look on how much Malik despises evil. Despite how his opponents are, he can be very merciful. If he has the chance of killing a wicked being or moving on to the next objective, he most likely would choose to spare his enemy.

    - Family: The people who love and care for him, regardless of what or who he he in the first. Malik's family and friends are more important to him than anything in all of existence. When they are in danger, he will risk his very life to save all of theirs.

    - Friends: Those he is not related to whom are considered part of his family. They are just as important to him as his family. Like them, he will protect their lives with his.

    - Helping Others: Malik has always liked helping others since he was a child. Even as a little boy, he would help his mother with chores and various other activities around where they were living.

    - Being Nice to Others: Malik prefers to be polite and kind towards others. This especially includes his family, friends, and strangers that appear as good people to him. He dislikes being cold, mean, and distance to people.

    - Girls: As a male, Malik is attracted to the opposite sex, specifically speaking, females. He especially is drawn to beautiful women. Despite his attraction to ladies, he is not a pervert in any kind of way. He respects their privacy and gives them plenty of space. He also acknowledges their rights as women.

    - Candy (Especially Sour): He has always had a sweet tooth for candy. This is especially the case with sour candy. He enjoys how they taste, stated it to be electrifying.

    - Good People: As a good person himself, Malik very much respects and likes those who are good at their core.

    - Drawing: Drawing is one of Malik's hobbies to do when he has spare time on his hands. He is an artistic person, being able to create inspirational artwork.

    - Reading: Malik's second hobby and most common thing to do when he is bored. He often reads to learn about something new or refresh his memory on information he has already learned in the past.

    - Writing: The third of his three hobbies he does when having spare time that is not reserved for anything of current interest. When not reading or drawing, he writes down certain information he has learned to keep track of or to refresh his memory of what he already knows in the first place.

    - Becoming Stronger: Malik enjoys the thrill of becoming more powerful. The stronger he becomes, the more lives he can save, the better he can protect his family, and the more opponents he gets to fight who are of a higher level.

    - Lightning: Lightning is Malik's favorite elemental force of nature. It is something of how it flashes as well as it's beauty that fascinates him.

    - Fire: Fire is another one of the boy favored elemental forces, liking it as much as lightning. Like electricity, he is very fascinated by it's appearance.

    - Evil: Malik not only hates evil, he despises it entirely. He cannot stand to watch innocent people suffer at it's grip, just because it takes sheer enjoyment out of the pain of others. Evil is the only thing Malik truly hates in all of existence.

    - Evil Beings: Since he has a great loathing for evil, Malik hates evil being as a result. It is the way they act, how they hurt others, and how they have disregard for innocent life is what angers him to no end. These are but a few of the many things he does not lie about an evil person such as this.

    - Bullies: Malik has always been annoyed by bullies. In his own opinion, they are cowardly punks who pick on those who cannot defends themselves, but run away in terror on someone stronger than them.

    - Family and friends getting hurt: What pains him the most is seeing the people he truly cares for in pain and suffering. It is a sight that aches his soul. He will do everything in his power to crush the target that cause the pain in the first place as well as help his family and friends be joyous again.

    - Being Useless: Malik dislikes being unable to help in any way he can. He finds it frustrating having to watch his family and friends in danger while he is temporarily, physically incapable of assisting or even saving them.

    - Torture, Especially of an Unnecessary Level: Malik loathes having to watch innocent lives tormented. He will not tolerate such a sight. He especially will not under any circumstance stand to watch his loved ones tortured, otherwise, he will see to personally that the one who caused such torture pays. Tormenting others on an unnecessary level will also make his blood boil.

    - Cruelty: A certain personality trait that many villainous and wicked individuals happen to display. This is also the opposite of kindness. Malik greatly dislikes how certain people treat others so coldly, no caring for how they feel. What disgusts him is the sheer enjoyment wicked and callous individuals take in treating the innocent in such a manner. He loathes this kind of behavior and will not stand for it, since it is akin to bullying and a certain trait of an evil being.

    - Ever since he was a child, specifically 8 years of age, Malik has had a dream, like most children. That dream was to become a great legend throughout the world, a hero who combats evil wherever it spreads it's dark cloud over the light of good. One of Malik's certain goals is and that is to become one of the most powerful beings in the world and beyond. It is then, he could help change the the lands for the better and help lead others to a bright, glorious future.

    - As a person who's dreams is to become a hero and legend, one of his main goals is combating evil whatever form it takes. No matter what malevolent being he faces, he will not back down.

    - Another one of his main goals, that is probably more important than combating the wicked is to do what is right such as protecting the innocent, helping those in need, and upholding justice. Sometimes this can correspond with combating evil and crushing malevolent beings.

    - Arachnophobia: Malik has had a fear of giant or very large spiders ever since he was a little boy. He has had a bad experience with a wolf spider with the confines of his room. His father had come to take care of it, but since then, giant arachnids has always made his skin crawl.

    - Losing those he cares for, especially his family and friends.

    - Not being strong enough to protect those close to him.

    Malik J. Roberts  SqttsRj

    Height: 5 Feet and 10 inches
    Weight: 151 punds
    Hair color & Style: Black, Mid-length
    Eye Color: Golden Brown
    Skin Tone: Chocolate Brown
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:

    Human Form: Malik J. Roberts  Chibi_malik_2_edited_3_by_mjt010-d8vcwhf

    Nephilim Form: Full View, Click Here

    Malik is of average height and above for a boy his age and average weight as he's 5 feet and 10 inches tall, while weighing 151 pounds. His skin tone is a shade of chocolate brown. He inherited it from his mother, but her skin tone is a slightly darker color. His hair color is black and mid-length as it reaches to the bottom of his neck. Three bangs hang in the middle-front of his forehead while two longer ones hang on each side of his face, also covering the left and right side of his forehead. His eyes are a shade of golden brown. On his face, he wears grey-framed glasses.

    Malik is slightly muscular as a result of his training from his mother. However, the structure of his body can't be seen with his clothes on. Being slim, his muscles are shown to be small, but still fit. The small muscles lean closer to his upper-body. Malik does, however, have strong legs from running and training with his mother. As a result, he can run at an above average speed. He also possesses a large amount of stamina, so he's able to cover long distances.

    For his usual attire he wears a black shirt with a white-outlined, black lightning bolt on the front. It's hidden by his cyan blue hoodie. It's his favorite choice of clothing as he always washes it and has it wrinkle-free, so it looks brand new. The pants he wears are a sky blue color. They're long and very baggy, giving him much room to more around in. The last piece of his outfit are his grey shoes. They each have a cyan blue trim on top of the soles. On his face, he wears grey framed glasses. This counts for all of his clothes.

    Malik also wears alternate outfits. Many are of a similar style, relating to his usual outfit. The colors of these clothes consists mostly of shades of blue, black, green and white. His first alternate outfit is quite uncomplicated in description. The first piece of clothing he wears on his upper-body is a black shirt. It is rather simple in appearance with short sleeves. Instead of his cyan blue hoodie worn over it, it is another shirt. It also has short sleeves and has buttons on it, so it can be closed up. It is left unbuttoned to reveal what is underneath. It is of a lighter shade of black than the shirt under it. There is also a few touches on it to help it stand out. On the edges of these sleeves and at the bottom of the shirt are cyan blue trims. On the lower-part of his body are army green, baggy jeans. The last part of the clothing are black shoes.

    His second alternate outfit includes a black shirt possessing long sleeves. Worn over this is a cyan blue shirt. In contrast with what is under this clothing, it has short sleeves. It has a hood that Malik can wear over his head and on the bottom are pockets, akin to that of a hoodie. The difference between this shirt and what he wears for his usual outfit is a zipper, which this garment lacks. On the boy's legs, he wears black, baggy pants. There is one cyan blue trim circling around each sleeve of this clothing where they cover his knees. Finally, on his feet, he wears black shoes.

    As with the other two outfits, his third alternate consists of clothes with similar shades. On the upper-part of his body, he wears a blue shirt with short sleeves. What is being worn over it is a white, short-sleeved, unbuttoned shirt. On the edges of the sleeves and at the bottom of it are cyan blue trims. On the lower-part of his body is dark blue baggy jeans. Lastly, he wears white shoes with blue soles.

    His fourth alternate set of clothes is rather simple. This is due to it being consisted of little choices of clothing. However, it sill holds the similar array of shades, like with his other types of attires. For the upper-body of the boy's physique, he wears a short-sleeved, cyan blue shirt. On his legs, he wears jeans that are simply gray in color. Like the sky blue pants of his usual outfit, they are very baggy and provides much room for him to move around in. Finally, he wears black shoes with cyan blue soles at the bottom of them.

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    Best character app I've seen so far, very nice work!

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