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    The Lost Story of Nasude Gao WIP


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    W.I.P The Lost Story of Nasude Gao WIP

    Post by Kentai on Tue 01 Dec 2015, 11:29 am

    Character History:

    History: Nasude Gao wasn’t a real human, but artificially created, far away in the outskirts of Earthland. His creator was a legendary and gentle sage, whose name was Ennin. However, he went under the title E-Sage, due to his creations of Etherious beings. This sage had created many kinds, human-like such as demon-like and had literally used every specie as a template for his creations. The reason that he researched and made so many of them was that he wanted to leave them as heroes, who could protect the lands which he would leave soon, due to his old age. But he knew that his creations had free will and that some of them might end up more different than the sage wished.

    That’s why he planned on creating two Etherious’es, by using human genes that he voluntarily got from near friends. His plan was to make the ultimate Etherious; the true protector. He managed to make two successful beings; Nasude Gao and his twin brother. Due to the genetics from the sage's near friends, these two special Etherious'es were quite distict from the others and the sage could see that when they were among his other creations. He could see the hidden potential in them and was convinced that they would protect the lands after his death. Nasude and his twin brother were just small kids, around 5 years old, when something terrible happened. Most of the Etherious'es had gone on a giant rampage over the village, looting and killing innocents. They even proclaimed that they had killed the E-Sage. As young as Nasude and his twin was, their only decision was to flee from the disaster. But in the middle of the flee, Nasude got separated from his twin and was left alone.

    Days went, and Nasude was a lonely, little boy in the plains. He was convinced that death would come upon him, until he spotted himself on another place. First, he thought that he was dead, but then he saw a giant dragon, named Racornis. This dragon had saved him from the loneliness and took him to heart like its child. It trained him, fed him and learned him Dragon Slayer Magic.

    After the departure from the dragon, Nasude continued walking alone. He'd became more mature and cool. He faced many moments on his lone travels: helping people, supporting workers and more. But his heart was still all alone; nobody was beside him. It teared him apart and almost caused him to consider killing himself. But then, he discovered a strange house, in the middle of the wilderness. The house was, in fact, a part of a giant manor, belonging to the Gao family. One of their seniors had spotted Nasude and invited him into the manor. Nasude talked with the master of the Gao family and decided to become a part of that family, so he was knighted as the Gao family's guardian. He took their name to heart and never forgot their generous actions towards him.

    Nasude Gao

    Lightning Dragon Slayer

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