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The meeting of an Apple and the Fiery Undead(Aiyanna & Apple Sauce) R48X1Xi
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    The meeting of an Apple and the Fiery Undead(Aiyanna & Apple Sauce)


    Private The meeting of an Apple and the Fiery Undead(Aiyanna & Apple Sauce)

    Post by Guest on Wed 06 Jan 2016, 10:58 pm

    It was a quiet evening in Skylight City. The street lamps were just starting to light up and it was starting to get darker by the minute. among the few people on the streets, was a short albino skinned girl with jet black hair and blue "fiery" eyes. Well... one was fiery.(literally, her left eye is on fire). She just wandered around, looking at the shops and other businesses on either side of the street. She had no real purpose really for being there but, she just wanted a break from her guild. Hence, how she ended up in this place.

    Aiyanna had no clue as to what she could do to kill time there. In fact, she was bored as f*ck. "Grrr!!! This place is sooo god damn boring!" She said rather loudly. She decided she might as well head back to her guild, at least she could have something to do there, rather than wandering aimlessly around a place like this. She turned around to head back the way she came, only to realize.... she was lost. Nothing looked familiar to her. So, Aiyanna did what she normally did hen lost and picked a random street to go down, hoping it would be the right way.

    30 minutes later....

    Yep, she was MORE lost now than before. "Goddammit! How the hell am I supposed to get back to Magnolia?! I wanna blow this boring town and get home already!!"" She said as she knocked over a metal trash can that made a loud metallic thud as it landed against the concrete ground. Aiyanna then stormed off. Hopefully she'd find her way home eventually.
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    Private Re: The meeting of an Apple and the Fiery Undead(Aiyanna & Apple Sauce)

    Post by Apple Sauce on Sat 09 Jan 2016, 8:24 am

    Within the quite Skylight City, there was only a few people out and about while the night began to fall around them all. Out of the few people there was a tall muscular man that had short white hair that pointed out to the right side some. His eyes where as black as the newly forming night sky and he was wearing both a shirt an pants that were also black. He was just wondering around with a big grin on his face, he had most likely came to city in search of new people to talk to and maybe become friends with. Not knowing the city that much he ended up getting lost in it but that was find with him cause it give him more of a chance to find more people to chat with.

    Apple had been wondering around for hours, he stop at the end of the street he was on due to the fact of his noisy growling stomach. "Wonder if there is any place left open to get some saucy food at." He had though to himself while rubbing his belly. Right as Apple began to walk again and turn to the next street a smack sound was made, it has seemed that he didn't look before turning the corner and had ran into a girl that was turning as well. The girl's face had slammed into his upper chest and when he looked down he has saw a flame coming from the left side of her head. He had quickly reach an grabbed her by the waist then lifted her up to find out if she was hurt or not. "I'm very sorry about that miss, are you okay?" While Apple waited for a reply, he had noticed that the blue flame was coming from her left eye, "that flame isn't normal is it?" He had asked about the flame cause it had remind him of his true embodiment and how his eyes have an effect much like the way she had for the left eye of hers. Apple had a big grin on his face while he had asked the girl two questions, because he wanted her to feel like he wasn't going to harm her in anyway and the fact he now had someone to talk to.

    The meeting of an Apple and the Fiery Undead(Aiyanna & Apple Sauce) Apple_11
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