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    Official Official Item Shop

    Post by FTE God on Wed 09 Sep 2015, 1:07 pm

    Official Item Shop TLANl6Q

    This is where you can buy items like username changes and custom titles.
    Please contact an admin to receive your purchases from this shop.

    Username Change:
    Change your current username to something else.
    100,000 jewels

    Custom Title:
    Receive a custom title of your choice!
    10,000 jewels

    Magic Change:
    Change your character's primary magic.
    150,000 jewels

    Chatbox Icon
    Get a chat box icon for your username~
    3,000,000 jewels

    Username Glow
    Get a glow around your username!
    5,000,000 jewels

    Username Sparkles
    Get sparkles for your username~!
    7,000,000 jewels

    Create your own Guild! This includes your own 'Group' and the honor of becoming a Guild Master. You get to choose the name of your guild, choose the guild information, have requirements, etc. (You must be AT LEAST A rank to purchase a guild, if you already are X rank, you must have the exp required for A rank.)
    9,000,000 jewels

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