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    Dark Alley Shop

    [NPC]Viktor Van Dreadd
    [NPC]Viktor Van Dreadd

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    Official Dark Alley Shop

    Post by [NPC]Viktor Van Dreadd on Wed 09 Sep 2015, 1:19 pm

    Dark Alley Shop 9F6O2Dg

    I see you have stumbled upon my little "business"...

    Don't be frightened, I won't bite but I will buy whatever you wanna sell to me darling~

    Whether it be smuggled goods, a rare animal, or a mystical treasure.

    You tell me your price and I'll give you what I feel the good is worth~

    All I ask is that you don't try to sell me some cheap trinket, or else you shall be kicked ]

    out of my shop.

    Whatever I buy, shall be re-sold to the highest bidder.

    Anyways, have fun shopping, toodles~

    [b]Item you're selling:[/b]
    [b]Price you want:[/b]

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